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25 Minute Solo Workout

This month’s podcast is a little different! Instead of giving you some information, we’re going to give you something to do. This podcast provides a 25 minute workout which includes shadow fighting, traditional basics, conditioning exercises, aerobic drills, anaerobic drills, punching combinations, slow kata, normal kata, and more! The idea is that you download the podcast to your MP3 player, mobile phone (cell phone for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic), laptop or burn it to a disk. You then listen to the podcast and do as instructed. It’s an ideal “bit of everything” workout for those days where you don’t have enough time to train as you would like. It also requires no equipment and very little space; making it possible to use the podcast in your home or a hotel room.

At the foot of this blog post you will find the link where you can download the podcast (right click on “download”). You can also find a video clip that explains how to use the podcast (visit if you are reading this on i-tunes or a similar website). You can view the clip online or download it to your computer. When you have watched the clip, you are all ready to go!

A word of warning: This podcast assumes that you are physically and technically capable of training in this way. If you have any doubt, please be sure to take the advice of suitably qualified and experienced person before engaging in the routine. Be sure to adequately warm-up and cool down and work at your own pace!

I hope you enjoy this podcast and find it useful!

All the best,


25 Minute Solo Workout
Iain Abernethy