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Pieter-Jan Vdb
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Other bunkai enthousiasts in your area!


There's a lot of people who practise karate, but sadly enough not all of them have a profound interest in the practical application of karate. It would be nice to have some kind of overview of other bunkai enthousiasts that are in the same area as you. That way you could meet up for training with other people from other clubs, with the same interests.

I think it would be really cool if through this forum or Iain's facebook page, ther would be some kind of way to see if there are other martial artists with similar interests in your area. I'm not an expert on computer stuff, but I think it is possible that people could mark themselves on a map. You should than be able to look at an area/country on the map, to see which other people are near you. That way you could contact them to train together.

Anybody else thinks this would be cool? Anyone knows how to program such a map thing?



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I think its a fantastic idea to find someone in the area that share the same passion to work on a Kata and practice bunkai application to enrich good understanding of the essence of Karate, but not all but most people today, I hate to say this is more interesting in winning plastic trophys for tournements and claims that "They don't have time to practice" is one of many typical excuse on why they don't want to practice kata bunkai.

I hope I do find someone on FB or even in this forum that lives around my home area so we can practice.

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Google Maps used to have a feature where you could make a map that anyone could mark their location on. I've seen it done on a variety of websites and forums, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it, myself. It would definitely be a cool idea!

Drew Loto
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Google maps has a couple of features.  It allows anyone to add a location to their giant database that everyone can access, but it also has this map making app: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/? with which we could input a ton of addresses for known bunkaists.  Although it looks like it may only be accessible by invitation, which is a little more limiting than I would like.