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Dill Young
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Origins,principles and bunkai of Kushanku kata with Steve Rowe 8th dan. Sheffield.UK.

Kushanku kata course with Steve Rowe 8th dan.

Saturday 25th January. 2014. Sheffield .England.

Steve rowe will be covering the famous and very old kata of Kushanku / Kanku dai. Steves unique insight into Martial arts will be presented through this kata. You do not need to know the kata. The Chinese origins, principles and applications transcend style and is universal to all martial arts.Everyone is welcome. All proceeds will go to the Ruth Dathorne fund. Ruth is a Tai chi Instructor/karateka based in Sheffield and is in need of some specialist medical treatment. Ruth is one of Steves top UK students.

I hope you can join us. Please get in touch if interested and I can give you some more information. Thankyou.

The Scout Hut, Botanical Rd. Sheffield, S11 8RP.

2pm till 6pm.

£25 / £15 juniors/unwaged.

Contact. Dill Young on 07722462144. or dillzogg@yahoo.co.uk

Hosted by Seishin Karate club. Sheffield. www.shikon.com

Dill Young
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There is limited space in the dojo for this course. Looks like it will be well attended. Can anyone intending to travel to Sheffield for this please let me know in advance. I can also advise you about parking near the dojo. Many thanks.  

contact. Dill   07722 462144.