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Funny moments & failures!

Hi everyone,
I saw a similar thread on another forum and just thought I'd post a similar light-hearted thread for people to post funny "martial mistakes" and maybe share a few funny stories about training or something of the sort. Enjoy!

One of mine is:

At A Demo at a School, I was performing Pinan Nidan (Heian Shodan) infront of 7-11 year olds (around 100 Kids) on the final sequence I found a wet patch on the floor and ended up breakfalling instead on Knife hand Block. to which the whole audience decided that it was funny!

I rolled back up and finished the Kata. I think I gave an "excuse" as to what that it was part of the kata or something but They knew it and I knew it but I got 5 students out of the Demo!!!

Black Tiger
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So nobody has had any funny stories to tell?

I'm shocked

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One time, my old TKD instructor was demonstrating some one for one sparring to the whole class and during a high reverse turning kick a VERY audible fart escaped. The urge to laugh was very hard to keep in. :)

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A month or so ago I was warming up in class with straight leg swings.  I was obviously being a bit too energetic as just as my left was at the full arc of the swing at head height the momentum of my weight moving forward forced my standing foot to lose grip.  This resulted in my standing leg swinging up to meet my swinging leg, which was now on a downward arc, and the rest of my body rocking backwards.  All of this resulted in a matrix like bullet time moment of me completely horizontal in mid air about chest height, followed very quickly by me dropping like a stone and landing still horizonatally on my back on the concrete floor.  All this happened in front of the others in the class, and another club .... well I think everyone just heard a big thump and turned to see me lying on the floor looking a bit confused ... and there was no way out of looking like a muppet !!

Another classic moment of hilarity involved our instructor asking a 9 year old to demonstrate a Maegeri attack on him.  The 9 year old immediately kicked him square in the bollocks as he started to explain to the class the point of the demonstration.  Queue laughter.