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Iain Abernethy
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Historical European Martial Arts documentary

Not watched this yet, but it looks very interesting!

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A look into the world of Historical European Martial Arts, where a community revives centuries old martial arts based on the research and study of period source material.

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I took a Fiore Longsword class with the Phoenix Society, and their head instructor is actually in charge of the US organization that oversees HEMA competitions. Very cool stuff, and there is a lot of overlap between HEMA and Okinawan martial arts.

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I really enjoyed this. I found the diversity of the approach to the source materials very interesting and somewhat reminiscent of what I have found with looking at karate texts.   

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This is really worth a watch.  The parallels to karate are plain to see:

Trying to work out the techniques of old masters from imperfect historical sources;  discussing the pros and cons of rules-based tournaments; distinguishing between what looks good for the movies and effecive techniques etc.