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Q and A Podcast 2017 Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this year’s Q & A end of year podcast! In this part, we cover questions relating to Self-Defence, Training, Teaching Children, and Female Self-Defence!

The third and final part will be out tomorrow and that will cover General Karate Questions, Cross-Training, Pressure-Points and Miscellaneous Questions!

As with part 1, I have also included some “Martial Arts Fun Facts”! They are meant to be jokes … so please don’t take them seriously! The jokes about given styles do NOT reflect my views on that style! I only joke about that which I admire. I hope they raise a smile :-)

Thanks for your support of the podcasts!

All the best,


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Q and A Podcast 2017 Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of this year’s Q&A end of year podcast! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and topics! In total, we have around 3.5 hours of martial discussion for you! I therefore felt it best to split the podcast into three parts, with each part looking at various topics.

In this first part we cover all the questions relating to Teaching, Kata & Bunkai, and Impact Training!

Part 2 (out tomorrow!) will cover Self-Defence, Training, Teaching Children, and Female Self-Defence!

Part 3 will cover General Karate Questions, Cross-Training, Pressure-Points and Miscellaneous Questions!

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Life-Preserving and Life-Enhancing (podcast)

New podcast! There are lots of different martial arts and innumerable approaches to them. We all need to find an approach that we enjoy and that will most efficiently help us achieve our objectives. In my case, I feel any martial art that I am to invest time and effort into must achieve two key things:

It must be both live-preserving and life-enhancing.

I feel any worthwhile martial arts needs to achieve both objectives; one without the other is not enough.

In this podcast, I breakdown what “life-preserving” and “life-enhancing” actually mean to me and hopefully cover a few interesting talking points along the way.

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Iain on The Scholar Warrior Podcast

In this podcast Iain and Robin Gamble of The Scholar Warrior Podcast discuss a wide range of martial and philosophical issues! I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


Topics covered include:

Fear in my early training

Objectivity in self-protection training

How cross training and influenced my karate

What kata is and the purpose it serves

The evolution of karate

Old school intent with a modern approach

Kata as a process

The four stages of kata

Why Naihanchi is my favourite kata

Consensual violence vs. non-consensual violence

Modern pad drills

The differences between the fear that keeps us safe and the fear that helps us grow

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Iain on Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio!

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Jeremy Lesniak of Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio! It was a conversation quite different from others I’ve had. We covered many topics I don’t normally get to talk about. We talk about martial arts and life, the fear I felt in early training, mistakes I have made, my rebellious streak vs. taking instruction, the culture of my home dojo, why I don’t want anyone calling me “sensei”, why we don’t line up by rank, why there will never be “Iain-Ryu”, my debt to karate and the past masters, the nature of my dojo’s curriculum, and a lot more! It was a really wide ranging conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


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Karate Cafe and 30 Years of Weirdness

This is not my podcast … but I’m on it! I recently chatted with the good folks of Karate Café about the online “bunkai boom” and a host of other related topics. Paul and Dan kindly gave me permission to put the conversation out on my feed too. So, if you’ve not already heard it, please enjoy our most recent chat!

All the best,


About Karate Cafe:

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Reinventing Violence (podcast)

This podcast discusses how martial artists often try to reinvent criminal violence into a good fit for their chosen system; instead of adjusting their system to fit the inescapable realities of criminal violence.

Problem should define the solution. The “solution” should not try to reinvent the problem!

This is a widespread and insidious practise in the martial arts. Traditionalists, modernists and even “reality” based systems do it; albeit in differing ways. Because actual violence is thankfully rare, this problem can go unnoticed but it has many serious problems.

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Iain on the Seek What They Sought podcast!

I recently had the honour of being the first guest in the brand-new Seek What They Sought podcast! The podcast is hosted by my friends Zach Kowalski and Oliver Martinez and you’re sure to like it.

With their permission, I have put the podcast out via my own feed too so none of you miss it. I think you’ll find the conversation of interest as we explore what karate was, is and will be.

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes!

I hope you enjoy it and I’ll be back with the next episode of my own podcast very soon!

All the best,


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Iain talks to Peter Consterdine 9th dan!

In this podcast I talk to Peter Consterdine 9th dan! Peter is undoubtedly one on the most influential martial artists of the modern age. I can’t think of anyone who has done more for practical karate and practical self-protection than Peter.

Along with Geoff Thompson, Peter kick-started the “reality revolution” in the UK in the early 1990s and therefore provided the platform for people like myself to get our voices heard. Peter is also one of my most influential sensei and it was Peter who graded me to 6th dan.

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Bonus Podcast: Kris Wilder and I discuss growth, planning, patience and focus!

In this podcast Kris Wilder and I discuss growth, planning, patience and focus in the martial arts and everyday life. It was a fun conversation!

The podcast was recorded at Kris’s home studio when I visited Seattle earlier this year. Kris, Rory Miller, Lawrence Kane, Jordan Giarratano and I were chatting when Kris asked if I wanted to do a podcast … so we entered the studio and this was the result. Kris did a great job in steering the conversation and I think some very interesting stuff got recorded.

It was put out mid-December as an episode of Kris Wilder’s and Lawrence Kane’s “Martial Arts and Life” podcast (subscribe if you’ve not yet done so!) and Kris kindly let me share it via this feed too.

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