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Pad Drill: React, Regain & Impact (video)

Hi All,

Here is a quick pad work drill we filmed at the end of training last week. It a simple one that involves reacting, regaining the initiative, hitting while the enemy drops forward, and a low hook to the head to finish. We hope you enjoy working with it!

All the best,


PS If you'd prefer to watch the video on YouTube please click HERE

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"Modern Iai" / Punching from Chair (video)

At this class we had been practising “restricted punching” from sitting, kneeling and lying positions. It is quite common in traditional Japanese arts for people to practise techniques from kneeling and other culturally appropriate positions.

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Live Multiple Opponent Drills (video)

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Kanku-Dai / Kushanku Bunkai Drill - Opening Moves (video)

Here is a drill for the opening motions of Kushanku / Kanku-Dai. This video was filmed at a seminar in Scotland in June 2011.

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Chinto / Gankaku Bunkai - End Spin (video)

Here is a clip taken from my Bunkai-Jutsu 5 DVD which covers Chinto / Gankaku kata. This particular clip shows the application for the end spin.

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Extreme Impact Padwork Combinations (video)

Here are a couple of combinations for you to try! We filmed this at the end of a recent training session and these are two of the set drills we did in that session. The key is efficient transitions between technique and adapting for distance. The combinations should be done with maximum intent such that you hold nothing back. If you are performing the combinations with enough intent, aggression and dynamism you should find it difficult to get beyond 10 to 12 good repetitions.

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Pinan Godan Bunkai (video)

Here is a clip of me teaching some bunkai for the opening sequence of Pinan Godan. As I’m sure you know, the angle in the kata tells us the angle we need to be at in relationship to the enemy. The ninety degree angle at the start of the kata therefore tells us to shift to the side of the enemy (away from his free hand) and then to apply the kata.

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Basic Impact Drill (video)

Here is a clip of a basic impact drill. The key aim is to get the hip motion right in order to generate maximum power and flow. The hip should always be slightly ahead of the hand so we generate torque through the torso, which will “fire” the hands into the target, and will also ensure that the bodyweight transfer is maximised. The end of one strike should also be overlapped with the beginning of the next to again facilitate correct hip motion, ensure good transitions and hence a “higher rate of fire”.

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Niseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai Drill (video)

Here is a quick clip taken at yesterday’s seminar in Edinburgh. This is a drill from Niseishi / Nijushiho mapping out options from a double collar grab. Although the methods are presented in a single drill that follows the kata sequence, it should be understood that there is no need to stick to the drill in application as the order can be varied and other methods added in.

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A couple of fighting takedowns (video)

As promised here is another video taken at the class a few days ago. In this one I show a couple of related takedowns. I would class these takedowns as “fighting techniques” as opposed to self-defence methods because they deliberately take you and your partner to the ground and hence leave you in a very vulnerable position if anyone else should choose to get involved. That said, such methods are great fun to practise and important as part of an overall martial education I feel.

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