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Active Shooter Booklet

Here is a very good booklet on how to deal with an Active Shooter Situation from the Dept of Homeland Security in the US. The very last tip after running and hiding is to fight. How many people have though about how they would fight and train for an active shooter ? I would love to hear your suggestiond or drills for my own practice.


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Ground fighting against a knife attack

Wim Demeere discusses a very graphic video that clearly shows why the ground is not a good place to be when third parties (in this case one armed with a knife) can get involved. As Wim makes clear, the footage is gruesome and viewer discretion is strongly advised. However, it does make very clear that one-on-one unarmed fighting methods and tactics will not fare well when transposed to a civilian self-protection context.

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Security guards get stabbed trying to detain thief (graphic video).

A graphic video (containing a lot of bad language) showing how things develop when a knife gets pulled during a three person grapple (you need to be over 18 and sign in to YouTube to view). Notice how the security guards fail to control one arm which allows the thief to pull his knife. It takes the thief a full 8 seconds (starts at 12 seconds) to pulls the knife and execute the first stab. Also notice how the guy in black was trying to control the arm that eventually stabbed him, but abandoned it.

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The missing component when dealing with knife defence.

Knives are a bit of a obsession with me, I originate from what the U.N. called the "stabbing capital of the developed world". Stabbings were (probably still are) a weekly occurrence (Friday and Saturday nights) and several of my acquaintances in student days were disfigured through incidents with knives.

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A recent Interview with Rory Miller (video)

An interesting interview with Rory Miller:

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Bit of an eye-opener for some...

Saw this today posted on a Facebook group I belong to :

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The global status report on violence prevention 2014

Hi All,

The World Health Organization has recently released a report on violence:

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Beginner physical self defence training

I am a beginner and been training in wado ryu karate since August this year.  I am in my early thirties and took it on so I could handle myself and intrested in the martial arts.

I train once a week in the typical dojo which teaches solo kata, fitness and some basic partner techniques.  I also train once a week on my heavy bag at home on basic punch and kick techniques.  I also have done some contact points based sparring.

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Free course "Understanding Violence" Review

I took the online course offered by Emory University through Coursera titled Understanding Violence and while I do not know if anyone here also took the course, I wanted to give a short review of it.

The general approach of the course was to look at Violence as a contagious disease, which was a new approach for me and I saw many potential benefits to the approach. There are probably a few drawbacks as well, but as it was a new approach to me, it opened up many interesting considerations.

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Civilian Law in Japan

Hi All this is my first post on the forum. Does anyone know where I can find a source for the Law regarding self defence in Japan? The only reference I can find is Military, such as: JSDF, JSF, SDF. No reference to civilian self defence law?

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