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BJJ black belt dies trying to stop robber

By now you've heard about the BJJ black belt who died trying to stop a robber.

As a foundation, we do not know the position between the victim and assailant. I will try to find more information about this crime.

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Knife attacks

After yesterdays events with the school teacher being subjected to a knife attack whilst at work, I did a very quick google search for "knife defence from close range".  This is the first link posted up, a you tube video which, towards the end makes some good calls, but throughout the video, shows how Krav Maga can be used to defend oneself against a lunatic with a knife.

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Do you use your karate at work?

I personally do on occassion. I work at a hospital and run into violent patients on my unit every once and awhile. Due to the nature of their conditions, most are not even aware they are being violent. Obviously nothing greivous is used, mostly control measures and lots of soft checking and limb entanglements. Generally we like them to leave healthier than they arrived. I've been punched a fair amount, kicked, grabbed and pushed.

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Police Violence in America

The BBC radio programme 'Inquiry" had an episode this week called "Why do U.S. cops keep killing unarmed black men?"

Please do not respond to that question, at least not until you have listened to the whole programe.

The reason I post it here is that at around the 14min mark a Professor called Seth Stoughton is introduced. According to his studies Police Dept training programs in the US have on average only 8 hours of conflict resoloution training, as opposed to an average of 60 hours of deadly force training and over 60 hours of slef defence training.

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Interesting video (from Facebook)

Ok, so I found this courtesy of someone I follow on Twitter, thought it could raise some decent discussion on here (apologies if it has already been posted).

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A good example of self-defence? What do you think?

This video was shared with me by Doug Wiltshire. One for group analysis!

It is presented as “Bully knocked out by vendor” so let’s run with that for the time being:

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Mind Set

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The universal truth of pre-emption

One of the things that always delights me is that way that good martial advice tends to transcend system, culture and geographic location. What works, works. Therefore, we see much commonality between what can seem, on the surface at least, to be radically differing systems.

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Legal ramifications of Knife Hand Strike to base of the neck?

Hello all, new to the forums. I've noticed that a great deal of bunkai involves the technique of trapping one of the opponent's arms and striking to the base of the neck with the knife hand.  Is it just me or is that technique really dangerous?  I'm a large guy and I've been practicing karate strikes for a long time and I feel like if I held someone's arm and pulled their neck into a knife hand strike I could paralyze/kill them.  I'm worried that, if I ever was in an altercation, I would perform this manuever reflexively against an opponent that didn't warrent such a response?

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Self-Protection observation

Over the last few years of watching MMA fights and Street encounters caught on film, I have just started to pick up on something.  In about 80 to 90 percent of all cases.  There always seems to be a point, where the stand-up striking/grappling or Ground and pound/ part of the exchange opens a small windows for disengagement and escape.  No one seems to take it but in my opinion this would be where I would get out of there.   Should this be where we place our focus on the physical part of self-protection?

Just a thought.


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