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De-escalation Opportunity

As many of you know I run a number of open scenario training days a year to enable people from lots of different systems to safely put themselves in unpredictable self defence scenarios.  Although everyone is armoured in the scenarios a number of them are not designed to progress to physical violence and the opportunity is there for participants to de-escalate the situation by using common sense and appropriate positioning, body language, tone and verbal approaches.

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Parallel Technique in Victorian Era Self Defense

Saw this today and thought it was interesting.  It's an article on the book "Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies," written in the 19th century and I noticed it had many parallels to the self defence taught in the katas. Note the limb control:

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internet safety

this is getting alot of coverage on social media, i thought i would share here

Scary, very scary

Alot of the comments are aimmed at parent bu ithink we should be doing more do educate children. If something like this was shown in schools for example

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"Little things" that might matter?

Hi all,

Just wondering if you have any tips on "little things" that might make a difference for self-protection.

For example, I teach night classes and have to walk out to my car at night after class is over. I carry my stuff in a backpack. I've started carrying the backback in one hand by the top handle rather than over a shoulder so I can quickly drop it and run (or strike) if needed without the bag hanging on my back getting in the way.

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How do you get back up.

I’m fairly new to Iain’s theories and philosophies so forgive my ignorance in asking probably some basics questions.

There are 2 types of altercations. The first, when you’re attacked by a criminal, in which case you fight just enough to escape. The second is a mutual fight which also happens often, maybe not to the 40 or 50 year old student but more so to the 15-21 year old student.

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Defend a stranger against a lunatic with a knife?

My wife was bemoaning the general cowardice of American men. She mentioned a case recently wherein a lunatic with a knife got on a subway and attacked a young man, killing him. The other passengers just ducked and hid and let the young man die. 

I don't know the specifics of that incident. But generally, what are your opinions on stepping in to defend a stranger against a knife attack? Let's assume that we are very confident the victim didn't provoke the attack (that is, we're not inadvertently helping the aggressor/bad guy/enemy). 

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BJJ black belt dies trying to stop robber

By now you've heard about the BJJ black belt who died trying to stop a robber.

As a foundation, we do not know the position between the victim and assailant. I will try to find more information about this crime.

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Knife attacks

After yesterdays events with the school teacher being subjected to a knife attack whilst at work, I did a very quick google search for "knife defence from close range".  This is the first link posted up, a you tube video which, towards the end makes some good calls, but throughout the video, shows how Krav Maga can be used to defend oneself against a lunatic with a knife.

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Do you use your karate at work?

I personally do on occassion. I work at a hospital and run into violent patients on my unit every once and awhile. Due to the nature of their conditions, most are not even aware they are being violent. Obviously nothing greivous is used, mostly control measures and lots of soft checking and limb entanglements. Generally we like them to leave healthier than they arrived. I've been punched a fair amount, kicked, grabbed and pushed.

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Police Violence in America

The BBC radio programme 'Inquiry" had an episode this week called "Why do U.S. cops keep killing unarmed black men?"

Please do not respond to that question, at least not until you have listened to the whole programe.

The reason I post it here is that at around the 14min mark a Professor called Seth Stoughton is introduced. According to his studies Police Dept training programs in the US have on average only 8 hours of conflict resoloution training, as opposed to an average of 60 hours of deadly force training and over 60 hours of slef defence training.

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