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Defensive strikes with head movement

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Muay Thai Clinch - Advice and for self defence?

Hi to all...

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Reasonable Force Case (UK News)

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Finishing blow after takedown

Hi everybody,

in sports kumite a takedown only scores points if it is finished with a punch. Here are some nice examples:


Now, I've seen several examples of similar finishing punches after a takedown in videos on practical bunkai (on this forum and elsewhere).

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Is This a Silly Self Defence Technique?

When in my teens someone told me that if I was being threatened and thought that it was going to come to blows, spit in the agressors eyes as a distraction and then kick them between the legs really hard and run away.

For years I thought it was quite a silly thing but now I wonder if actually it would be a simple and effective thing to do?

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Knife disarm techniques - counterproductive?

Hi all. In our syllabus, we have a set of techniques for defending against various knife attacks. While they are fun to practice in the company of trusted fellow students, with fake knives, I wonder if they are practical at all, or worse, if they are counterproductive.

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Using a weapon after dissarming an attacker?

Can anyone advise what the law is in regards to using a weapon that you have disarmed from an attacker if the attacker then continues to assault you?

Obviously it would be unwise to drop the weapon but is it reasonable to say that the attackers intention is still to cause you grievous injury or death?

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Consultation on Offensive Weapons

You may find this of interest. It includes proposals on acid, etc but also making it illegal to hold certain weapons privately.

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Interview of PC from Borough Market

Apologies for the graphic detail that this interview goes into, however, it is a very open and honest interview with a man who faced the most horrific events any person (police or otherwise) can, and survived:

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Attributes for successful self defence

I was looking at an old self defence manual the other day and the moves presented in the book just seemed to be quite ridiculous. While we do train self defence at our club I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means. 

This has got to be my favourite from the book. Maybe it could work in some situations.

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