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Being in great physical and mental condition is a must for all martial artists. This forum is all about conditioning and developing high
levels of mental and physical fitness. The purpose of this forum is to help us all improve our training methods.

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Low Block High Block Kihon Combo as Defense Against Knee Strike

Sorry for the long subject line...

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Jun/Yoko Tsuki

Hi all

 I was not sure where to post this so if Iain you think it should be in Kata Application can please move it.

Very often I hear from karate practitioners that Jun /Yoko tsuki is useless, as it is awkward and don’t have power. I disagree with that and I think it is a great punch, very often used in boxing. This technique has great stopping power and gives us great movement to enter the blind spot.

 What you think about it?

Wishing you all Happy Easter!

Kind regrds 


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High Block Lapel Grab Application


Here is another kihon application drill for the high block; this one involves a lapel grab. Being grabbed in a self-defense context is a very dangerous scenario. One should do everything possible to keep from being grabbed. However, we need to have strategies and skills to deal with situations in which we are grabbed. This video looks at one way to apply the high block (jodan uke) as a means for dealing with a lapel grab. This drill also explores the basics of take downs–in this case, moving the head backwards faster than the feet can move to maintain balance.

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Ananko Focus Mitt Drill

Following on from the Ananko bunkai drills Parts 1, 2 & 3 this drill incorporates the use of focus mitts to allow impact development of the kata techniques in a safe way. Bridging a gap between bunkai practise and kata based sparring with a partner. 

Thanks for watching all parts and the kind words, much appreciated!


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High Block Kihon Combination Drill


I'm continuing to work kihon combination drills with my students. Here is another one for jodan uke or high block. 

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Kata Focus Mitt Drills

A short clip of a drill I taught yesterday in the "warm up" section ready for the Mittmaster seminar. The initial punch is used as a pre-emptive motion and should that fail to finish the confrontation in this drill we gave the pad holder four options.

1) Pad holder covers the pad (indicates a cover of their head once the shot has been delivered) we then used the Hiki-Te "pulling hand" common to karate to remove this obstruction to clear a line for the shot.

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Offensive Uke-Waza Drills

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday goes over a drill for working uke-waza (receiving techniques) in an offensive manner, by incorporating them into a striking sequence, and it also features our California affiliate, Geoff Mires.

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Low Block Kihon Combination Drill--Lapel Grab Defense


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What is your approach? Looking for next steps in practical kata studies.

To all,

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Clinch Fighting Training for women


I help out with training at my dojo. I currently run a supplementary class going through skills and techniques for kata based sparring, for example clinches/ stand up grappling etc

A challenge I have is training some ladies in class in clinch techniques. Where the strength and height of the men tend to dominate in this range. We go through pummeling, clearing the arms etc.

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