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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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Passai Sho/Bassai Dai Application

This Waza Wednesday looks at the sequence of tetsui-uke (hammerfist receiver), mae-geri (front kick), and three sasae-gedan-barai (supported low sweeps) near the end of Passai Sho and Bassai Dai. We demonstrate against a punch, but any time you make cross-body arm contact, you can apply this technique. Ideally, the initial limb destruction will end the fight. If it doesn't, the following shoulder lock can be employed.

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The Southern Chinese Martial Arts Opening Salute

Here is a vid I posted on my Youtube channel about the application of the opening salute in the Southern Chinese Martial Arts. Let me know what you think.

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Another on embusen - the embusen rule

The embusen rule is basically that a kata should "balance". Each step in one direction should be countered by a step in the opposite direction. If they did the design of the kata right, you should always end up exactly back at the point you started. The kiten. It's good for performance of kata because you can run through a load of them without really moving, and in a small space, with a group of people. The limit to steps in any direction in okinawan kata is usually 3, giving approximately a  3mx3m (3yard x 3yard) training space.

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Kiai Points in Kata

Hi Iain

I do enjoy your Bunkai, so thank you very much.

Thoughts on the Kiai points in Kata?

As we are lead to believe, they represent a finishing technique, expelling all of one's power at the point of impact/finishing. Q1: Why are they're generally only 2 Kiai points in most Kata (Wankan an exception in Shotokan) and with a majority of your Bunkai leaving the assailant somewhat 'disorientated'; Q2: why the need for them anyway? 

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Naihanchi Shodan Application (stacked hands/gedan-barai/mawashi-tsuki)

This week's Waza Wednesday video gets back to serious material, and we take a look at the "stacked hands">gedan-barai>mawashi-tsuki sequence in Naihanchi Shodan. We show the technique against a push to the face, but it can really be used any time the opponent extends their arm.

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line of embusen vs direction of movement

In most cases, the line of embusen (direction of performance, or line of attack) of a kata is the same as the direction of movement. However you run into some cases where it's not so clear, and it seems to be where you get interesting applications. For example the end of pinan sandan.

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Wankan Kata

Looking to crowd source some information here on Wankan, Matsukaze kata. From what I understand it is a very old kata with Tomarite roots and today seems to largely belong to Shito-ryu. The first thing that I noticed is that shotokan does a much different version than everyone else. I know that the two versions must have a branching off point somewhere in time since there is one common sequence near the end of each one. Do we know if this was a Funakoshi edit? If so, why did he make such major changes?

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Bunkai throwing, grappling, and sweeping

I'm just curious, it seems like a lot of people are moving to always having every bunkai envolve some kind of throw, grapple, or sweep.

While I think there are many valid such techniques in Karate Kata, hidden from the casual observer, I think people are overlooking that sometimes things are simple, such as a block and a punch, but not just any punch, a punch performed from the core, with proper rotation, trajectory, and momentum in order to end the scenario.  This can also be for all of our strikes and kicks.

Are we over analysing?

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Heian Sandan: Another look

Hey all.

Here's a look at something we were working on this evening in class from Heian Sandan.



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Group Bunkai Analysis Number 2! Make your suggestions!

Group Bunkai Analysis Number 2! Make your suggestions!

Everyone ready for another team kata analysis?!

If you don’t know what this is about, please read the following page:

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