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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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Rohai functional bunkai


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Half way between function and formality? (video)

Here is an interesting find sent to me by Stuart Squire.

Watch from 3:50 onward to see, what looks to me to be, a very formalised limb-control drill.

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Repeated patterns across katas

I read Iain's book review on Anaku kata.  It was one I wasn't familiar with, so I watched a clip of it.

It got me to thinking, in that kata there are sequences that are repeated in other katas.  For example, the movements with the double knife hand blocks that are found in Kusanku.  There is also the double punch/kick/punch sequence that we see in Seisan kata.

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application for the second sequence of Niseishi/Nijushiho

Hi all , I recently shared one possible application for the opening sequence from Niseishi (there are several others in my study) so I thought I'd share one possible option for the second sequence of the kata (once again there are several other options for this sequence).

All the best


Niseishi/Nijushiho Bunkai Oyho

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A couple of Passai Bunkai Oyho

Hi all , Here's a couple of applications from the same sequence out of kata Passai

All the best Mark

Passai Bunkai:

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Niseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai Oyho

Hi all , This is an application for the opening sequence of Niseishi / Nijushiho. Niseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai Oyho:

This is one of the Oyho that will be shared at my first open dojo seminar of 2015 All the best Mark Sent from my 4G Ready Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three

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Seisan Bunkai Oyho

Seisan/Hangetsu Bunkai Oyho: http://youtu.be/6lMEYEwORjo Hi all, Here's a short clip taken from a regular dojo session, looking at a nice , direct Oyho from Seisan/Hangetsu kata Sent from my 4G Ready Samsung Galaxy S4 on Three
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Chinto opening sequence

Recently I have been working on some applications for the opening sequences of Chinto kata, as practiced in the kobayashi shorin ryu lineage (specifically the Kyan/ Motobu version handed down from Uehara Seikichi and Toma Shian to Stephen Chan and then to me). I managed to take a very poor quality video after training last week and so thought that I would post it here for all the bunkai afficionados to take a look at.

The ideas here are a combination of stuff Iain covered at his residential course earlier this year, combined with my own adaptations and ideas.

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Group Bunkai Analysis No. 1: Opening sequence of Saifa

OK, so the results are in! The opening sequence of Saifa wins! 86-76-59 (Saifa, Sandan, Bassai-Sho). That includes votes on Facebook and the website. If you are unsure what this is all about please read this page:


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Kuchiki-Taoshi in Kusanku Dai Bunkai

Kusanku/Kosokun/Kanku Dai is a pretty common and popular kata among Shuri-Te lineage styles, so I figure some people on this board might find this interesting. Most styles that practice these kata include the movement that Nagamine Shoshin Sensei is demonstrating in the photo, below, or they do manji-uke.

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