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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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Seienchin Kata Bunkai Drill

Hi all!

I recently recorded a video on a sequence from Seienchin Kata.

The sequence shows the progressions from the initial “predatory traps” (ude-uchi uke + gedan barai and open handed motion); to how to adapt to the enemy’s possible defences; then finally to a finishing technique depending on the enemy’s position.

Hopefully you can see how the concepts of the kata (positional advantage, using two hands proactively, efficiency in motion, adapting to predictable responses) can be used.

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Some ideas for Heian godan

Here's an informal video taken at the end of a lesson, as a reminder for students. All the applications were filmed in a slow/didactic way, passive resistance. We really enjoyed experimenting, every suggestion (and critique) is really appreciated.

PS: yes, the straight oi-tsuki launched from kilometers is unrealistic, but it's well known by students...

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Gojushiho, Naihanchi Sandan, and Kusanku Oyo Bunkai

Hello, everyone,

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Using Your Head in the Clinch

So most of us have probably seen Iain's explanation of the opening salutation in Naihanchi.  The particular part about using your own head to turn the opponent's head and control was really fascinating to me as I practise Tekki Shodan, which does not demonstrate the pushing down on the head nor the turning of the head.


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Kata Bunkai Drill Using a Variety of Kata Techniques

Hi all,

This is a base-drill from an application from Annan Kata which incorporates attached striking, vital points, close-range hits, arm-locks, flinch-responses, anti-grappling & kicks.

The techniques shown are sourced from a variety of Kata including Annan, Ananku, Naihanchi/Tekki, Heian/Pinan Series, & Chinto/Gankaku.

This drill was recorded at the end of the seminar in Atherstone culminating 2 hours of training.

It is not intended to be a complete instructional video, however I hope it is of interest and benefit. 


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JION - Taisho part

H iGuys,

I've just uploaded a new bunkai. This ime about the TAISHO par on Jion.

You may, or not, find something intersting. Turn on english caption as I am french ;-)

Feel free to give me your point of vue.

All the best,


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Pinan Shodan (Shorin-Ryu) by Andre Pedersen

A great explanation of the opening of Pinan Shodan (Shorin-Ryu) from my friend André Pedersen. Some key bunkai principles well explained here.

All the best,


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Ninushiho/niseishin shovel hook, clinch and knee strike.

Here's a slightly different look at nijushiho. This video shows how movements 4 to 6 of can be used to parry a two-hand shove, control the head while throwing a shovel hook, and follow with a clinch and knee strike. Note that in this part of the kata, the left leg is back while the left arm sets up for a liver shot.

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Application concepts for the Naihanchi boxing system

Here are a couple of short examples which demonstrate quick potential stopping techniques sourced from my Naihanchi boxing system. I've tried to get across the concepts of energy generation which the Naihanchi kata teaches. It's also worth noting that we practiced those punches on pads to ensure the impact is heavy, even from 7 or 8 inches away. If you're interested in this approach to the Naihanchi kata, and the system I've developed from it please check out the seminar advert in the "what's on" section.

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Naihanchi imbalance and strike or throw

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