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Some X-Po Photos!

Photo 1: Kris Wilder quietly blends into the background of the group photo at the end of Seattle day 2.

Photo 2: Kris Wilder, Marc “Animal” MacYoung, Rory Miller, Nicholas Yang, Al Peasland, Iain Abernethy. Not sure why all the American’s stood up and the Brits sat down?!?

Photo 3: Iain and Al pull a “serious face” to avoid looking overly enthusiastic when handling guns and end up looking rather odd! Seconds earlier Rory had commented that Brits with guns were like teenage boys with a copy of playboy! Note how the guns are unloaded, open and our fingers are off the triggers. My mum saw this photo on Al’s Facebook page and had words with me about it! ;-)

Photo 4: Rory kindly takes Iain through some of the points associated with clearing a room as part of a team. The practise continued and lead to us being one door away from a church congregation!

Photo 5: Iain, Kris and Al at the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee. Bruce Lee’s films were one of the things that inspired me as a young martial artist and hence it was really nice to pay a visit.

Photo 6: Nick, Marc, Rory, Al, Iain & Kris. Not sure what Kris was pointing at, but I was having a “Marc MacYoung is wearing a T-Shirt with my name on it moment!” I’ve been a big fan of Marc’s no nonsense approach to self-defence for decades and it was great to finally meet him