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June WCA newsletter (New 55 min bunkai video, Alan Petherbridge 10th Dan head of Budo)

As most will know a year or two ago Peter Consterdine 9th dan and myself set up the World Combat Association to be an international body for martial artists like us. You can find full explanations of the thinking behind the WCA on these web pages:

Iain’s introduction to the WCA:

Peter’s introduction to the WCA:

We now have members all over the globe and things are continuing to go from strength to strength. I know it can be hard for those outside of the organisation to know what is going on within it due to the fact they are obviously not “part of the loop”. So what I thought I’d do is post a text version of the most recent WCA newsletter here so people can have a read and better see the benefits of WCA membership. People can join as groups, associate instructors, members, etc) and you can download a brochure from the bottom of this webpage:

All the best,


WCA June Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I have a few quick bits of news for all WCA members and instructors!

Firstly, I’ve just added a new video to the members’ area of the WCA website. This new 55 minute long video looks at the strikes, cranks, locks, counters, throws, takedowns, grips and drills associated with the karate kata Pinan / Heian Godan. It’s not really that important whether you know the kata or not because in the presentation I also discuss many concepts relating to self-defence and close-range combat as well as detailing applications and drills for a number of techniques. In particular, the video contains a details breakdown of a number of throws which will hopefully be of interest to all. Please just log into the website to view the video.

Instructors, please remember that your students also have access to the member’s area of the website and all that they need to do is set up an account.

IMPORTANT: This video was made exclusively for WCA members and instructors. WCA members and instructors are not permitted to share this video with non-WCA members.

In other news, the number of groups working towards syllabus approval is continuing to grow. The most recent group to do this (the first in Australia) was Karl Thornton of Modern Defensive Tactics Australia. A great syllabus that easily met all the criteria! Please remember that I’m always here to help any group achieve syllabus recognition so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at if you have any questions. Please also remember to view the video explaining it all in the instructors’ area of the website.

We are very pleased to announce that Alan Petherbridge MBE 10th Dan has accepted the position of Head of Budo within the Association. Alan has been the British Combat Association’s senior Coach for many years and it’s an honour to have Alan keeping an oversight on the Budo elements of the WCA. However, as you’ll see from Alan’s abridged CV below, his skills, and experiences are not limited solely to the martial arts arena, having had a very extensive career in the security industry, both from an operational and teaching perspective.

Alan Petherbridge MBE 10th Dan Budo 9th Dan Judo

Alan began his Judo/Jujitsu career when serving with the British Army at Spandau Barracks in 1945, subsequently joining Swansea Judo Socirty in 1949, as well as the famous Budokwai in London in 1950, when it was based in Lower Grosvenor Place.

In 1953 Alan represented Wales in the Home International, becoming Captain of the Swansea Judo Society, winning the Baron Matsui Challenge Cup, the first time we think that the Budokwai had lost it. Alan holds the distinction of being the first person to obtain a 1st Dan Judo in Wales, which in fact was the first dan grade in Wales in any martial art.

After winning the Goldberg Vass Memorial Trophy at the Royal Albert Hall in 1955, Alan was chosen to represent Britain in the European Championships in Austria in 1956, but with the events in Hungary causing the meet to be cancelled. He went on, though, as a member of the British team to win the European Championships in 1957/8/9 – the first country to achieve this feat.

In 1961 Alan was on the British team to compete in the 1961 World Championships in Paris and also chose, at this event, to represent Europe in the Intercontinental World Championships in which Europe won Gold. Alan went on to secure four European Championship Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medals, and was both a team member and Captain in numerous internationals during this period.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics saw Alan attend as Captain of the British Judo team and although he retired from personal competition in 1956 due to injury he was appointed the first official British  Judo Team Manager, and Chairman of the Technical Board of the British Judo Association (BJA) as well as being Britain’s representative to the European Judo Union (EJU). Within the BJA Alan was appointed the Senior Examiner’s Examiner and the Senior Coaching Awards Examiner’s Examiner.

Alan also holds the distinction of founding the Welsh Judo Association, becoming the Welsh and British National Coach. He was also Honorary National Coach to the British Police Judo PSUK.

In 1977 (Queen’s Silver Jubilee) Alan received the Queen’s award for services to Judo.

On a commercial front, Alan, together with his daughter Sharron has run one of the countries most successful training delivery consultancies, specialising in conflict management, with particular emphasis on the UK Health Services. Developing the practical aspects of martial arts has been Alan’s passion translating both through his professional career and his teaching of Judo and Jujitsu.

I think that’s all the key bits of news for now! I’ll be back with more soon and please remember that these are your newsletters. One of the goals of the WCA is to help promote WCA members and instructors on the world stage. So if you have any news, articles, projects, etc that you want to share with the world, please never hesitate to let us know.

Speak soon!

All the best,

Iain Abernethy (WCA Chief International Coach)