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John Titchen Open Practical Shotokan Classes in Buckinghamshire

Message from John: I’m opening a new Shotokan Karate club at Sprinters Leisure Centre and Gym in Prestwood Buckinghamshire. This is a good venue with a mirrored studio, large car park and changing facilities.

The club will be recognisably Shotokan, but the syllabus has a strong practical focus. The kumite I teach will predominantly be my close quarter kata based drills dealing with HAOV. The kihon is orientated towards padwork and impact training with additional exercises to develop balance and coordination. The kata syllabus is central with an emphasis on understanding forms through application. There will  be family classes (adult and children) as well as adult only classes.

The club is open to complete beginners and all karateka regardless of style or association. Karateka from other groups are welcome to come along to train for occasional or regular supplementary training while remaining with their existing clubs for grading. We’re starting off with one class a week (Mondays) but I will be opening a Thursday night class soon.

To find out more about me, the new club and my Shotokan syllabus please visit or contact me by email