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Iain on Kung-Fu Podcast

I was recently on episode 88 of The Kung Fu Podcast! I hope you enjoy listening to mine and Tim’s wide ranging talk!

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This was an exciting moment to talk with friend and respected practitioner of traditional martial arts, Mr. Iain Abernethy. Friend of the program and Tip of the Spear See notes, mentions and details:

I was excited about the opportunity to talk with Iain. Join us as we discuss many topics regarding Traditional Martial Artists every style.

During this Podcast :

The Boy that became a leader in Practical Karate

We discuss his book, Mental Strength, published in 2005

3 Things that every Martial Artist will need to do to make a difference in the future.

What is one thing that Martial Artist do not sell enough when discussing their craft?

What are the components of Traditional Martial Arts that we can all apply to our daily lives?