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Free Sample of Heian / Pinan Kata & Bunkai - The Fundamentals

Heian/Pinan Kata & Bunkai - The Fundamentals

The Heians or Pinans are widely the most recognisable and practised kata in karate circles today, they are also arguably the most misunderstood. If analysed, practised and taught effectively the Heian/Pinan kata have the potential to be a complete fighting system for the learning karateka, containing strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws, grappling and so on

With over 350 detailed pictures this book shows how the Heian kata can be used as tools for a physical confrontation, building skills for this environment that could help an individual escape from this scenario, using simple, effective, progressive bunkai contained within this series of kata.

‘Lee’s book helps show that karate can be a very real solution to the problem of civilian self defence. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.’ - Iain Abernethy - 6th Dan World Combat Association

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Lee Taylor has been training in the traditional martial arts since childhood and currently holds the rank of 4th Dan Karate with the: British Combat Karate Association, British Combat Association and the World Combat Association.

He trains with the UK’s leading authorities in practical application of karate and self protection, Peter Consterdine, Geoff Thompson (1st Dan in Geoff’s RCS system) Iain Abernethy (qualified as an Instructor with Iain, and who graded Lee to 4th Dan) and Al Peasland (Affiliate Instructor with Al’s group Complete Self Protection)

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This PDF on the Heian Shodan kata and bunkai is an extract from the book Heian / Pinan Kata & Bunkai - The Fundamentals.

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In that book all 5 of the Heian / Pinan kata are examined in detail from the solo performance of each kata, to the two person bunkai sequences.

This PDF details the first kata of the Heian series, Heian Shodan (Pinan Nidan) showing in detail move by move of the solo performance of the kata and the bunkai applications that are carried out with a partner.

It is designed to give the reader an introduction into the Heian / Pinan kata and how applicable and a viable solution this series of kata can be in a civilian self defence scenario. It does not replace formal instruction in a class environment from a suitably qualified instructor.

It does however offer the learning karateka a point of reference for their personal training and development, hopefully spurring them on to find their own way opening up their kata training and revitalising their interest in bunkai as it did mine.

The complete book containing all 5 kata and bunkai sequences can be purchased from at the following link:

ISBN : 9781291293180