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All the practical kata bunkai youtube videos to date

On this page you can view all the “Practical Kata Bunkai” You-Tube videos added over that last couple of weeks. As most of you know, it is my intention to take a pocket video camera with me everywhere I go in order to capture plenty of footage that I hope you will find interesting. All footage of this nature is obviously a bit “rough and ready” and lacks the professionalism and quality of the DVDs and downloads due to the lack of professional cameramen, sound people, directors, editors, etc. However, I nevertheless hope such footage is of value to those who view it and it is my aim to bring you at least one new piece of footage per week. Hopefully this will be build into a nice open library as time goes by.

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Basic Knife-Hand Drills

Neiseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai

Pinan Godan Bunkai

A Couple of Fighting Takedowns

Basic Ground Drill

Basic Impact Drill

Pinan Shodan Drills

Beyond Bunkai Preview