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All Practical Kata Bunkai & Pad Drill Videos Since July 8th

I’m working on the August newsletter at the moment. To make things easy for newsletter subscribers I thought it would help if I put all the videos we have done since the last newsletter update (July 8th) on this page. I’ve therefore embedded all the “practical kata bunkai” videos put out during that time on this page.

During that time we also put up the final part of the three part Extreme Impact drill. So that people can view the full drill more easily I’ve embedded all three parts on this page too.

I hope you enjoy the videos and there are plenty more to come!

All the best,


Ground Work and Valley-Drop Takedown

Kushanku / Kanku-Dai Bunkai (Strikes into Neck Crank)

Stances & Heian Shodan Application

The "Two-Hands" Principle

What Angles Mean And Why Things Are In Threes

Extreme Impact Drill Week 1 of 3

Extreme Impact Drill Week 2 of 3

Extreme Impact Drill Week 3 of 3