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30 Mins of Online Bunkai Videos From Iain

It’s been a couple of months since the last newsletter went out due to me being extremely busy on all fronts. I therefore thought I’d put all the videos since then on a single page for ease of viewing in case anyone has missed any. We have just under 30 minutes of video in these clips and I hope you enjoy them.

These videos were taken at my home dojo, at private sessions, and at seminars in Sweden and the USA. I’ve a few more “in the can” and I’ll get them uploaded as soon as I’ve had the chance to edit them together.

Many thanks for all your support of these videos!

All the best,


Practical Kata Bunkai: Shuto & Nukite Training Drill


Practical Kata Bunkai: Pinan / Heian Godan (Lund, Sweden)


Pinan / Heian Yodan Bunkai: Gedan Juji Uke Strangle


Kushanku / Kanku-Dai Bunkai (Kansas, USA)


Manji-Uke in Pinan Godan


Practical Kata Bunkai: Pinan Nidan / Heian Shodan Moves 3 to 6


Karate Belt and Pads Conditioning Drills