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This year’s Danish seminar with Iain will be open to everyone (> 15 years of age) with an interest in practical karate applications.

The main theme of the event will be the Rohai / Meikyo family of kata! There are many different versions of this kata, but they are all said to trace back to a crane inspired system disseminated in the Tomari region of Okinawa. We will compare and contrast the functional applications of the Itosu (Wado), Matsomora (Shito-Ryu and Tang Soo Do) and Gusukuma (Shotokan) versions of the kata. Prior knowledge of these kata is not needed. These “Sign of the Crane” forms contain some very pragmatic and interesting applications and give an insight into aspects of karate’s development. This will be an interesting exploration of the “Tomari-Te” influence on modern karate and the combative methods that derived from that source. We will also look at how these methods can be drilled on modern impact equipment! Sessions will also be devoted to the productive and fun use of focus mitts to develop maximum impact on the move and a host of combative attributes.


Saturday 8th February

Kl. 11.00-13.30: Rohai /Meikyo Bunkai – Part A

Kl. 13.30-14.30: Break

Kl. 14.30-16.30: Pad Drills for Rohai / Meikyo

Sunday 9th February

Kl. 09.30-12.00: Rohai /Meikyo Bunkai – Part B

Kl. 12.00-12.45: Break

Kl. 12.45-15.00: Pad Drills for Maximum Impact


Rønbækskolen (in the small sports hall at the school)

Ådalsvej 100

8382 Hinnerup, Denmark

Price and registration

The price for both days will be 600,00 DKR and 400,00 DKR for one day.

Registration should be by e-mail to before 30th January. Danish participants should please transfer the registration fee to 5075 kontonr. 0001196127, while foreigners can pay when they arrive at the venue.

For more information contact us by e-mail at or all +45 22 86 67 03 (Jan Drachmann).

Saturday, February 8, 2020 - 11:00 to Sunday, February 9, 2020 - 15:00