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Iain Abernethy
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WW2 combative training video

A short WW2 combative training video that I hope you find interesting. I love all this old stuff from both a historical and pragmatic perspective. One thing to notice is how the chin jab is practised against their other free hand. Obviously I’d still prefer impact equipment, but I think this is a clever way of giving them “the feel” of the technique. I hope you enjoy the clip.

PS Lee Morrison’s website has a great page on Fairbairn’s concepts that is well worth reading: http://www.urbancombatives.com/fairbairns_concepts.htm

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Amazing stuff.....simple and straightforward....it doesn't have to be more complicated than that.

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It looks like he attacking stomach 5, I teach that in close combative attacks if to close to hit and also works good on the ground to take control.It also can be hit up or down depending on the size of your attacker to dizzy him or even put him to his knees or even out. Easy to find cause of the divit on the jaw bone .