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Wanshu / Enpi Flow Drills (video)

This videos looks at two flow drills for Wanshu / Enpi kata. The sequences covered are the “shifting knife-hand sequence” and the “double-palm-heels, lower-block, jump sequence”. We then put both flow drills end to end to create a longer flow drill.

The throw in the kata (kata-guruma) has the recipient fall from shoulder height before they are jumped upon. This is obviously difficult to practise safely. We therefore varied the bunkai and executed a kneeling throw as opposed to a standing one. We also rotated (in a similar fashion to the kata) into a ground fighting hold, strangle and strikes; as an alternative to the jump. As well as being easier on the uke, this allows us to bring some other methods into the drill.

The fact we are deliberately going to the floor would make that element of the drill more suited for fighting (one-on-one consensual violence) as opposed to self-protection (non-consensual violence where there is always the possibility of multiple enemies). I like to explore both elements as part of my karate; while being ever mindful of their differences.

The drill contains striking, basic trapping, a throw, a ground-fighting hold, a choke and even a little footwork. It can therefore be a fun way to quickly practise some of the bunkai of Wanshu / Enpi. It is one of many drills with each seeking to develop differing aspects.

This footage is from a seminar in Finland and it shows a quick summary of what had already been practised (so the students could film it as an aid to memory). It is therefore not instructional in nature. I nevertheless hope you find it interesting.

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PS The YouTube link is HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Wanshu / Enpi Flow Drills