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Vlog #3 - Reflecting on the power of inclusion for mental health

Hello everyone, hope this message finds you well!

I have another exciting video I wanted to share with you.  I am proud of this one, as the message is super positive and different in my opinion.  Please give it it a watch, like, and subscribe to my channel for more content.  Below is the video summary:

►SUMMARY: The Karate for Mental Health Seminar live Zoom event out of the UK and Canada, got me reflecting on it's value to mental health patients and to the world in general. Karate can provide an all inclusive and equitable activity for everyone, it can unite and provide much needed mental "medicine" and healthy outlet for those suffering from mental challenges. After this seminar, I realized how Kata, for instance, can help instill a state of calmness and serenity to human beings. We walk around with too much anger at times, let's slow down, let's breath, let's do Karate!

Check it out:

Warm regards,

Chris Hanson.