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Leigh Simms
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UK Self-Defence Law Online Workshop

Hi everyone,

Self-Defence Law - Online Workshop

For those living, working or spending a considerable amount of time in either England or Wales, then this event may be of interest to you.

The event will start with a 1 and half hour interactive lecture on the Law relating to Self-Defence which has been specifically designed for martial artists. Topics to be covered will include; pre-emption, reasonable force, duty to retreat & defending your property. The event will conclude with a 30 minute Q&A and open discussion on the topics covered in the course and any related queries or questions. We will be using the Zoom App and upon receipt of payment, a link will be sent with the necessary information to log on and access the workshop. The event will be recorded and participation is required at times, so whilst there is no strict requirement to show your face, there will be times when it will be beneficial to be "on screen". There is no physical exercise element of the workshop. 10:00am - Midday Sunday 21 June 2020 £10.00 per person Email me -at leigh@leighsimms.com, Facebook Message or call me on 07581 443 637 to book your place.