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Two Karate Throws: Pinan to the Front / Naihanchi to the Back

In this video we look at two complementary karate throws. We first look at a way of establishing a side-on grip. We then look at two throws that can be applied from that position: one if the enemy is leaning forward; the other if they are leaning backward.

The leaning forward throw is found at the end of Pinan / Heian Sandan and it is also shown in some of the older texts. The leaning backward throw is a leg blocking throw and it utilises a leg movement very similar to that of Naihanchi / Tekki kata (the throw itself is not found in that kata). We then use shiko-dachi (square stance) or kiba-dachi (horse stance) to prevent them enemy from taking a corrective step and regaining their balance.

The video also shows the teaching sequence as we moved from complaint technique to live practise of the techniques. As always, a short summary video can’t capture everything, but I nevertheless hope you find it interesting.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Two Karate Throws: Pinan to the Front / "Naihanchi" to the Back