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The TRUE role of Hiki-Te

This video addresses the role of the hand on the hip within kata. Historically, tactically and biomechanically, the role should be very clear, but sadly dogma persists around the issue. Bottomline, we should never have an EMPTY hand on the hip and such a motion will do NOTHING to increase power.

The video covers:

1) Why the role of hiki-te is misunderstood.

2) What hiki-te is really for.

3) Why the “power generation” argument is false.

4) The HUGE tactical errors that those who subscribe to the “power generation” argument are making.

5) Why people still hold onto ideas that are so obviously flawed and the damage that does to karate.

While much in the martial arts can be open to individual preference, this issue is not. The evidence only points one way. Karate needs to rid itself of its falsehoods, so it can bee seen and practised as the wonderfully efficient system it was created to be.

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PS The YouTube Link can be found HERE

The TRUE role of Hiki-Te (the hand on the hip).