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The Super Dan Online Academy

Hi All,

Here is something that will be of interest to many of you! Many of you will know Dan Anderson from his seminal book 1980 book “American Freestyle Karate”. You may also know that he’s a high ranking Arnis teacher and I’ve personally had the privilege of training in Arnis with Dan (see video from 2007 below). No matter what aspect of the martial arts he’s teaching, his ability to break things down and communicate the key things needed to get results is very impressive. He makes it fun too!

Dan has recently set up a website that provides step by step instruction on a variety of topics (see blurb below). I’ve got access to that site and I’m very impressed by the structure and the content. Dan is currently offering a three-day FREE tour and it’s well worth checking out!

All the best,



The Super Dan Online Academy - The Virtual Dojo for the 21st Century

"My purpose is to enhance your skill set and knowledge base.  It doesn't matter to me if you're a taekwondo or karate-do or kung fu practitioner or one of the many other arts.  I want you to become a better martial artist no matter the system or area you are skilled in.  What I teach are concepts and principles which you can insert into your existing skill-sets.

"Example: The Five Pillars of the Super Dan Method of Free-fighting are perception based, not technical or attribute based.  Perception is universal.  That is the beauty of what the Super Dan Online Academy.  Each of the programs are set up to enhance or add to your existing knowledge and skill base.  This was my successful action to attain my own martial arts skill.  The online academy is to pay it forward."  - Dan Anderson

World renowned martial artist, Dan Anderson (known as "Super Dan" during his competitive career) transformed the karate world 40 years ago with the ground-breaking book, American Freestyle Karate - A Guide To Sparring.  This book became the free-fighting bible for decades to follow.  Thanks to Y2K technology, Super Dan has done it again with the Super Dan Online Academy.  Super Dan has created an online dojo containing no less than six martial arts programs.  Each program has a multitude of short videos which demonstrate and explain concepts and techniques in a clear cut manner so that no matter your skill, experience or aptitude level, you can take your game to the next level.

If you are a student of the arts and a seeker of knowledge or a seasoned instructor, this site has something for you.

The programs contained in the Super Dan Online Academy are:

*The Super Dan Method of Free-fighting (a full outline of how anyone of any skill-set can learn how to free-fighting)

*MA80 System Arnis/Eskrima (Super Dan's codification of his 40 years training in the Filipino Martial Arts)

*Shintai Kyousei Jutsu (Effortless opponent body manipulation - Super Dan's breakthrough in the area of manage your opponent's body in self defense)

*MA80 Modular Knife & Empty Hand Program (Super Dan's method of teaching the Bram Frank CSSD/SC Modular Knife program)

*Tim's Corner - Kickboxing Basics by Tim Gus (Kickboxing basics for the stand up fighter)

*Ju-jitsu Houdini with Coach Jeff Burger (no nonsense escapes from the ground attack)

Go to www.superdanonlineacademy.com and take a three-day free tour of the entire site.