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Some Old School Karate Throws

In this video we look at some “old school” karate throws. These throws were included in karate texts during the 1920s and 30s (along with many others):

“Topple a Folding Screen” – Funakoshi, 1935

“Half Wheel” – Funakoshi, 1935

“Throat Press” – Funakoshi, 1925

“Stomping Throw” – Itoman, 1934

“Leg Pick” – Itoman, 1934; Mabuni, 1938

While throwing techniques are not practised as widely as they were in the past, we would be wise to consider the words of Shigeru Egami (a student of Gichin Funakoshi), “There are also throwing techniques in karate… Throwing techniques were practised in my day, and I recommend that you reconsider them.”

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Some Old School Karate Throws