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Sochin Drills (video)

This video looks at some drills for the first half of Sochin kata (Shotokan version). The clip starts by looking at the kata’s illustrations of principle (i.e. example techniques). We then move on to drill the skill of moving past the limbs by applying those principles in a more free-flowing way. It’s important to understand that what is shown at that point is a drill for clearing the enemy’s limbs out of the way of the target. We therefore isolate that skill and extend the time practicing it. This is not meant to be a realistic recreation of combat. Finally, we show how such skills would be applied i.e. a quick action to get past any flinch / cover, so we can land strikes and then escape. As always, a short summary clip can’t convey the entirety of what was practiced, but I nevertheless hope you find it of some interest.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Sochin Drills