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Seminar 7th May

Can I just say thank you to Iain, David (for organising and letting me come along), Brian and Harry for yesterday's seminar.  That was my first seminar experience and I absolutely loved it.

It was so good to finally start to understand the kata's methodology better.  After so many years of going through the stages of a kata, doing the moves as shown by the instructor and told "this is a block, it's like the other block but with an open hand" (or similar), it was great to see that the knife hand in kata are actually striking to the neck, a way to get around a guard.

It was well worth the 2 hours drive each way and I will be looking for more seminars in the south of the country in the future.  

Iain, if you ever fancy coming to Kent, let me know, maybe my Uechi instructor could introduce you to Uechi and give far more information than I could in my limited experience of the style.