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Q and A Podcast Part 1: Self-defence and Bunkai Questions

This podcast is so big, it became two podcasts! This is Part 1 of what will be a 3-hour Q&A podcast! I asked for questions and then arranged them by topic. In Part 1 we cover self-defence and kata / bunkai questions! Topics covered are listed below. We also have some new comedy “sponsors” that I hope you’ll enjoy too!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! Part 2 will be out tomorrow! In the second half we look at General Karate, and Training and Technique questions!

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The use of weapons in self-defence / UK weapons law; The effect of the local law on training; Kyusho points for self defense; Do self-defence instructors need real life experience; Why do so many clubs focus on sport; Kicking in self-defence; Self-defence training for children; How to teach students to walk away; What to do following an incident ; Do we train in too many things; many of which will be ineffective in self-defence.

Kata and Bunkai

(Starts at 55 mins) The use of Kubodo weapons in Kata; What is the most practical kata; How many kata do you need to know; Why do many so many karate clubs not practise bunkai; Do the kata of different styles have differing amounts of information; Why do instructors knowingly teach impractical bunkai; When should students start learning bunkai; Do all traditional forms/kata come with bunkai; Do I publish my latest thoughts and discoveries or do I keep it for the seminars; Given the amount of information available, why do some instructors ignore it and stick to “compass point bunkai”; What was the kata that Funakoshi’s son was taught in secret; As people study a smaller number of kata in greater depth, is there a danger some kata will be forgotten; and, if so, which ones will they be; Should we change kata to better reflect bunkai; How do we ensure kata bunkai training covers all the likely happenings in self-protection; Which of the previous podcasts do I think are “must listens” for students wishing to understand the basics of bunkai.

Q and A Part 1
Iain Abernethy
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