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Q and A Podcast 2017 Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of this year’s Q&A end of year podcast! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and topics! In total, we have around 3.5 hours of martial discussion for you! I therefore felt it best to split the podcast into three parts, with each part looking at various topics.

In this first part we cover all the questions relating to Teaching, Kata & Bunkai, and Impact Training!

Part 2 (out tomorrow!) will cover Self-Defence, Training, Teaching Children, and Female Self-Defence!

Part 3 will cover General Karate Questions, Cross-Training, Pressure-Points and Miscellaneous Questions!

I’ve also included some of my favourite “Martial Arts Fun Facts” … none of which are true, but hopefully they will raise a smile :-)


All the best,


Q and A Podcast 2017 Part 1
Iain Abernethy
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