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Punching an advancing target after throwing a kick

In this video, we look at an intermediate fighting pad drill. It’s not a self-defence drill because – while there is some cross over – the context and methodology is for one-on-one consensual fighting. The drill has us throw a punching combination into a high kick (always a good idea to have the hands set up kicks). As the kick lands, the pad-holder pushes forward. This simulates the idea of the kick being blocked and a counterpunch being thrown. The forward motion from the pad-holder forces the striker to punch as the leg is recovering. To wait until the foot was on the floor would be too late in a fight because the person would already be upon you. It is possible to get lots of power into the punch, even though you are on one leg and going backward. The key is to use the leg as a counterbalance to throw the top half of the body forward a little. As demonstrated, it is also possible to retain control and balance when punching in this way. This drill, and ones like it, are very important in order to ensure we practise hitting from non-ideal positions.

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PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

Punching an advancing target after throwing a kick (fighting pad drill)