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Protecting Others: A Forgotten Part of SELF-Defence

Protecting others is an important part of “SELF-Defence”. In this video we look at the basics of: protecting others, facilitating effective escape, the use of the voice, common problems and how to deal with them, training drills, etc.

Such situations are high-risk and difficult and there is no “good” or fool proof solution. The chaotic nature of protecting others needs to be reflected in the drills designed to address it. They are not comforting drills because they make clear just how hard it is; especially against multiple enemies. Refusing to face this hard truth is, to my mind, unacceptable. The potential safety of loved ones should come before the need to protect one’s ego or style. We have to do the best we can in difficult circumstances; and that demands prior training and practise.  

This video can't cover all aspects, but I hope the discussion of the basics is still of value.

“Karate is not merely practised for your benefit; it can be used to protect one’s family or master.” – Anko Itosu, 1908.

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PS The YouTube link is HERE

Protecting Others: A Forgotten Part of SELF-Defence