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Principles of Arm-Locks (Podcast)

Well here we are with May’s podcast! This month we will be looking at the principles of arm-locks. The podcast is in two sections. The first section covers some of the general issues surrounding the role and application of arm-locks. The second section covers some of the key principles that need to be adhered to if arm-locks are to be effectively applied.

The podcast looks at the role of arm-locks in live situations, how arm-locks should be integrated with other methods, how the principles of arm-locks relate to kata, and principles vs. techniques. We also examine the key concepts of push / pull, good leverage, mechanical advantage, continuous control, confusion and distraction, and the structure and weaknesses of the joints of the arm.

The podcast also has news of some upcoming events on both side of the Atlantic, my attempt to find the optimum podcast length, how to keep in touch and I ask for your help managing my out of control email situation!

One thing all listeners should be aware of is that the embedded comments / notes for the podcast contain timings and listings so you can easily fast-forward to the relevant section on future listens.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and if you listen to the very end you get to hear me swallow an insect live on air! Enjoy!

All the best,


Iain Abernethy