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Pressure Points! (Podcast)

This month’s podcast covers the always controversial subject of pressure points! In the podcast I give my own take on pressure points including my thoughts on chi, acupuncture theory and its relationship to pressure points, modern medicine vs. a traditional Chinese medicine approach, the relationship between power and accuracy, my five key places to strike, and my own “zone approach” to striking areas.

In order to thoroughly explore the above issues the podcast is a little longer than normal (55 minutes) so we can count this one as a “Bumper Christmas Special” ;-)

We also address quite a few listeners’ questions including bunkai and compliance, the gap between kata and self-protection in many dojos, training outside the dojo, how to teach bunkai to children and at what grade bunkai training should begin.

The podcast also has links embedded in the “comments” with links to related books and an online video. This is something I will continue with from now on to ensure the podcast is as useful to you as possible in your studies. We also embedded a little “pressure points” picture to give you something to look at when listening to the podcast on your i-pod or MP3 player!

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I’ll be back with a new one in the New Year!

All the best,


Pressure Points
Iain Abernethy