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Passai / Bassai-Dai "Reinforced Lower Blocks" Bunkai (video)

This very short clip looks at bunkai for the “elbow” followed by the three “reinforced lower blocks” found toward the end of Passai / Bassai-Dai. Commonly explained as a series of rapid “reinforced” kick blocks (such as one may need if attacked by an angry can-can dancer!), I would suggest that a more pragmatic way of viewing the move is simply striking the enemy, and then pulling them on for a second strike.

The footage was filmed after training in response to a request. It was a warm day and it was filmed by my daughter (hence the lens steaming up and the very slight camera wobbles ;-).

I hope you find it of interest!

All the best,


PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Passai / Bassai-Dai "Reinforced Lower Blocks"