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Pad Drill with Funakoshis Ude-Wa Throw (video)

This videos shows a pad drill that incudes Funakoshi’s Ude-Wa (Morote Gari) Throw. It starts with a simple jab, cross before a lead hand hook is delivered as you simultaneously move to an angle. All three techniques should be delivered fluidly and without any gaps. For this drill, we want to “open up” for maximum power.

Once the punching combination is delivered we switch to striking with the knee and elbows. There then follows the karate throw Ude-Wa (arm ring). To apply this throw, the shoulder hits the enemy’s centre of gravity, while the hands cup the back of the enemy’s knees to prevent them stepping backward and regaining their balance. There is no big lift or slam on this throw.

To finish the dill, we quickly skip over the legs – so that the enemy can’t kick upward – and deliver two finishing blows before moving away. There are innumerable other ways to finish, but we wished to practise propping punches.

The drill allows students to practise a number of striking methods and skills in a short period of time. Such drills are also enjoyable and beneficial.

Great care needs to be taken with practising such drills. They should never be practised unless you are under the close supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Pad Drill with Funakoshi’s Ude-Wa (Morote Gari) Throw