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Les Bubka
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Not All Roses

Hi All,

Few people have read my book; there were few suggestions that there should be a follow up.

So I had an idea and started working on second book, under working title "Karate for mental health".

Idea is to show methodology of karate, and have interviews with people that I work with or know, on subject how karate helped them with their mental health.

Below you can read a part of the chapter. Hope you like it :) Or not please let me know :)

Kind regards



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That would be a great follow up, Les. The chapter really pointes out some of the key factors. I like it.

Les Bubka
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Thank you Michiel

It's in the making with some interviews recorded and unexpected well know contributor, but this is secret for now ;)

Thanks for support!

Iain Abernethy
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Great article with some very important points made. Thanks Les!

All the best,