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Iain Abernethy
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Stevenson wrote:
I think it is just in certain nuances that we disagree. I don't like disagreeing with you, I have such respect for your views on these things that it feels like cognitive dissonance.

I’m glad you disagree :-) It’s made for a good thread and an interesting dialogue.

I always start the seminars with the following quote:

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

Disagreement, challenge and dissent – and acceptance of the necessity and value of those things – is the sign of any healthy group.

I think our conversation has produced a good thread; which it would not have done to the same degree if we fully agreed. The back and forth necessitates further clarification and consideration.

Thanks once again for your contribution to this. It has produced a very in-depth thread and is very much appreciated.

All the best,


Dennis Krawec
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One thing I have come accross a while back (forget where - in class / website) is while I still practice strikes with a heavy bag. I also "practice" trying to generate force / kime at a focal point.

I do this by going into a stance, putting my hand against a surface as if to strike it while relaxed and then momentarily tensing my body and push into the surface as if actually striking it. To further train myself to push all of my body into the surface I may also lift my lead leg, and try to force my body wieght into the surface with my back leg.

Example: Assume a right front stance in front of a wall, put your right arm out and touch the wall surface as if you had punched it with a right forward lunge punch (no don't actuall hit it, just use proper technique). Now lift your right leg, maintaing a proper front stance, use the rear leg to push your whole boby (and fist) into the wall. Hold it, feel the tension, and force bing driven into the wall. Then just alternate relaxing and tensing your body.

I'm afraid I may not of accurately described what I'm doing, but I hope that makes some sense.