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Naihanchi mook-jong/wooden dummy article

This is an article that I wrote a number of years ago. The email address at the end has been disabled. This is just my opinion as to what may be available/hidden within haihanchi kata




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Dear Ron,

thanks for the link, I think it fits  the form kaishu naifanchin in shito ryu where naifanchin is performed with open hands.

The namiashi of course can be interpreted not only as a sweep or kick but also as a defense against kin-geri.



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one thing you have to keep inmind is that fighting with a mook jong-training dummy is akin to developing a two-man set for your kata.

Recently, I had a chance to watch a version of naihanchi kata being performed as a two-man set. The instructor's name was Bob Moran out of bushidoproductions.com

It wasn't a professionally made tape/dvd, but it did show a possible adaptation of naihanchi from a solo drill to that of a two-man kata.

A number of chinese-based kungfu styles often use two-man sets as part of their training.