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My Stance on Stances (Podcast)

Welcome to the latest podcast! This month’s podcast is called “My Stance on Stances” and as you can probably tell … it’s on the subject of stances! I feel that stances are widely misunderstood to be something static, fixed and preparatory. I don’t see any of that as being true and in the podcast I’ll explain what I see as the purpose of stances and their practical function.

The podcast looks at common misunderstandings about stances, the relationship between stances and the effective use of bodyweight, how the approach to stances should change as a martial artist advances, why stances have nothing to do with strengthening the legs or improving balance, and how our approach to stances can help or hinder optimum performance.

We also have the latest news and in the question and answer section of the podcast we look at competition sparring and its relationship to self-defence and the value of the “sho” versions of various kata.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I’ll be back with a new one soon!

All the best,


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Iain Abernethy