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Multiple Assailants: An Inconvenient Truth

WARNING: This video contains footage of real world violence! This includes people getting struck, knocked out, and stabbed. This video should not be viewed by those under 18 or by those who are likely to find such images distressing.

These examples are used to show the real danger posed by multiple assailants and the highly irresponsible way many martial artists approach the topic. I have converted all videos to black and white to soften the impact, as well as reducing definition, but they remain unpleasant to watch. Please take this warning seriously.

This video discusses the need for any worthwhile approach to self-protection to address multiple assailants and the three key “tricks” martial artists use to deny this reality.

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PS You can find the YouTube link is HERE (age restricted)

PPS Note: The Office of National Statistics has multiples assailants recorded at 43% for all violent crime where the assailants are not acquaintances (24% muitiples) or partners (1% multiples).

Multiple Assailants: An Inconvenient Truth