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Muay Thai Clinch and Kata Connection

Hey guys, In this video Muay Thai and Kali Coach Justin Patricio Fernando, along with Mixed Stylist, Earl Misquitta show me clinch defence options from Muay thai. I couldn't help but notice commonalities and connections to the Kaku-Zuki (Square Punch) from Naihanchi Kata, and the Chudan Wari-Uke (Split Middle Block) from Pinan Godan. Both moves were identical in biomechanics. Enjoy this video and explore the commonalities with Muay Thai and these said Kata techniques. All the best, I hope you are all well and enjoy the video.




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Hi Chris,

I discovered your channel recently, and I really like it. Especially since I started cross-training in kickboxing a few weeks ago. It's a humbling experience: after more than twenty years of "traditionnal" karate my shoulders are stiff, I am too static, and I suck at sparring!

I am very interested by your practice of what we could call "practical karate shadow-boxing". How do you proceed? Do you take moves from the kata with which you improvise freely? Maybe you have a video on the subject?

All the best,