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Low Blows Pad Drill (video)

This video shows a restricted striking drill. Reality demands that we are able to hit from all positions; good and bad. In the drill we are looking at striking the groin and inner thigh from a folded position where the enemy is putting pressure on the back of the neck. In such a scenario, we have to hit the only targets we have, from the position we are in; neither of which are ideal. This needs to be practised such that it is instinctual. Training from ideal positions all the time (as so many do) can cause catastrophic hesitations ands missed opportunities. While hitting the legs in this way is not ideal, it can still help turn the tide and felicitate the creation of better opportunities. Seeking a “perfect strike” can result in no strike at all. An imperfect hit is better than no hit.  This fighting back from a disadvantaged position is illustrated by the scenario on which the training drill is based.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Low Blows Pad Drill