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Life-Preserving and Life-Enhancing (podcast)

New podcast! There are lots of different martial arts and innumerable approaches to them. We all need to find an approach that we enjoy and that will most efficiently help us achieve our objectives. In my case, I feel any martial art that I am to invest time and effort into must achieve two key things:

It must be both live-preserving and life-enhancing.

I feel any worthwhile martial arts needs to achieve both objectives; one without the other is not enough.

In this podcast, I breakdown what “life-preserving” and “life-enhancing” actually mean to me and hopefully cover a few interesting talking points along the way.

Topics covered include: self-protection, how the martial arts can impact on mental and physical health, longevity in training, common things to avoid, how martial arts can contribute to happiness, maximising training benefits, and loads more! I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


Life-Preserving and Life-Enhancing
Iain Abernethy