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Iain Abernethy
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Kris Wilder Newsletter!

Getting good Martial Arts info is hard.

Why not get the good stuff from Martial Artist, Best Selling Book Author, and the United States Hall of Fame Member Kris Wilder.

His newsletter is twice a month, useful and fast. The last couple of topics have been:

· How to sleep like a SEAL (U.S. Military sleep methodologies)

· Flat Space Sunday (Organization of home and martial arts school)

· A poll, “Do We Continue?” Lawrence Kane and Kris had a roadblock on a new book. They went to the readers with the topic and put it to a vote (the vote was, “Yes, continue.”)

· The Dr. Was Only Adequate (The response from readers to this topic was huge)

Some people have been reading Kris’ newsletter for 13 years! Find out why by joining here:

Sign up here: https://westseattlekarate.com/resources/newsletter.html