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Dill Young
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Koryu Uchinadi 2 man TEGUMI drills. Sheffield. 5th April 2014.

Sensei Ben Ryder returns to Sheffield for a 4 hour seminar on Koryu Uchinadi 2 person TEGUMI drills.

Learn unique two person drills that will rapidly increase your understanding of kata application, whilst increasing your fitness and conditioning your body. All styles covered,training linked to Seienchin,Naifanchi, Gojushiho,Nijushiho,Saifa,Kushanku/Kanku,Seisan,Sochin,Tekki, Bassai, and Seipai.

Everyone welcome to attend no matter what style you practise. Please get in touch if ou require any more information.

Saturday April 5th.

2pm till 6pm.

The Scout Hut, Botanical Rd. Sheffield S11 8RP.

£15 adults.  £10 Juniors. (proceeds go to charity).

Contact Dill Young. 07722462144.

Please note that parking is limited on Botanical rd. You can park behind the Scout HUt in St. Augustines Church, entrance of Brocco Bank.