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Karate Pad Drill

This video covers a pad drill that I recently taught in my home dojo.

At that particular session, I had some students needing to work on their lead hand hook punches, some needing to work on their sweeps, and some needing to work on their lead leg roundhouse. I therefore put all of those elements together into a single drill. This is more fun that drilling the elements singularly. The fact the drill is mentally and physically engaging means that the high levels repetition needed to develop competence are not a chore. As one of my teachers phrased it, this is “repetition by stealth”.

The drill affords the more advanced students a chance to work on flow and transitions. The drill also lets the student work on the body dynamics of hitting with the same hand twice.

I hope you find it interesting!

All the best,


PS The YouTube links can be found HERE

Karate Pad Drill